TRI-ANALYTICS brings the best solutions and highest value to our clients via innovative and proven approaches to complex problems.

TRI-ANALYTICS, a Technology Consulting firm, delivers Data Management and Analytic solutions to the Healthcare and Financial Services industries through a practical, experienced and continuous improvement model.

Strategy, Assessment & Planning Solutions

TRI-ANALYTICS Strategy, Assessment and Planning services provide strategy and planning expertise that is industry recognized and proven. “Our teams are truly focused on solving complex Data Management problems.”

Deliverable Based Solutions

TRI-ANALYTICS deliverable based services are highly valuable and provide deliverable based solutions to our clients on an agreed upon schedule and budget. “We stand behind our approach, our ability to plan, and our ability to deliver.”

Performance Tuning and Process Engineering Solutions

TRI-ANALYTICS performance and process engineering services identify deficiencies and opportunities in our client’s projects, systems, and/or applications. “Our highly skilled associates and assessment processes deliver the right solutions at the right value.”

People Based Solutions

When a client requires a people based solution for a specific project, TRI-ANALYTICS takes the same approach as they would for any of our solution services to deliver the best result. “We provide the best yet appropriate combination of skilled individuals that meet the objectives of our clients”